Eileen Garrett and the World Beyond the Senses

“I have seen such a world where forms and half-made shapes moved and struggled,” Eileen Garrett wrote about the paranormal.

I always loved Eileen Garrett’s descriptions of her abilities, and what it was like for her. The following quote in particular caught my eye because of all that I’ve read recently about the illusion of time:

“I conceive of yesterday, today, and tomorrow as a single curve … time loses reality and the past and present and future are present in one instant … ”

Helix Press has reissued Allan Angoff’s biography, Eileen Garrett and the World Beyond the Senses, which I used in my research.

This following quote of hers is interesting because she seems to accept elements from both parapsychological and mainstream ideas about mind:

“If mind exists, (and I believe it to be universal) the shock of separation from the brain must of necessity at such planned deductions, and one can only, within a new ‘vessel’ experience something akin to a dreaming remembrance of things past. … How much is remembered in the new state of consciousness … does the dragon fly remember his form as the chrysalis of yesterday?”

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