Trumpet Mediums

This is a photograph I scanned at the Rhine Research Center.  I didn’t know what was going in this picture at the time, but the name Ed Wood was attached to it.  When I later read about trumpet mediums, I guessed that this might be the explanation for that thing in the picture leaking ectoplasm.  Trumpets were primarily used to amplify what was believed to be the voices of the dead, but they were used in a variety of ways, so maybe.

UPDATE: I’m told that the medium in this picture is Leonard Stott.

2 thoughts on “Trumpet Mediums

  1. this would be ectoplasm. A google search of Silver Belle would show more, They were famous and at one time Playboy magazine published the Silver Belle photos. This photos were alway taken with infared film as the ectoplasm is sensitive to light. I remember talking to medium you were tested. On was Ralph Jordan, who has passed by his organiztion can be found on the web. The mediums always spoke of being frustrated because no matter what evidence was provided they were accused of somehow faking it. One of the popular test was to fill their mouths with milk, tape in closes. Lights went out, meduim went into trance and then spirit voice would speak. Then lights would come back on,tape was removed and the medium would still have the milk in his mouth!

  2. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching ectoplasm, but I have to be honest, nothing about it seems credible to me. I’m sorry. For instance, regarding the control you described, unless an objective third party had their hand over the medium’s mouth there would be no way of knowing whether or not the medium removed the tape, spit out the milk, gave a demonstration and then refilled their mouth and put the tape back.

    Does anyone do ectoplasm anymore? Because I could think of a few experiments to try.

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